Golf Chipping Tips

Here are some golf chipping tips to help you improve your game. First, you need to shift your weight to your hands and forward leg while chipping. Secondly, you should be vertical while chipping. This will allow you to pop the ball high enough toward the hole. Finally, you need to be consistent while chipping. … Read more

What is Wedge Flex?

If you are wondering what is wedge flex, you are not alone. Each golf club has a different degree of flex, and wedges are no exception. The flex of a wedge has a significant impact on how the ball will perform in a shot. While flex is similar to driver and irons, it is different … Read more

Ways to Be a Better Bunker Player

Being a great bunker player starts with having soft hands, which is the first step to becoming one. If you have a firm hold on the weapon, you’ll have difficulty in this section. Make an effort to achieve a tension of four or five degrees. When you’re playing from the bunker, relaxed hands help you … Read more