What is Toe Hang on a Putter?

One of the first design features addressed in a putter is toe hang. The toe hang on a putter is directly related to the player’s face angle at impact. A new technology called motion capture and high-speed cameras are now able to measure the face angle at impact. Using this data, designers can improve putter … Read more

What Is the Loft of a 3 Wood?

The average 3-wood has 15 degrees of loft, somewhere between the driver and the 5-wood. The average golfer doesn’t have the length of Dustin Johnson or Rory McIlroy, so he can safely use a 3-wood with a stronger loft or one with a lower loft. For those with mid or high handicaps, it’s a good … Read more

What is Foursomes in Golf?

What is Foursomes in Golf

When you’re playing golf, you may be wondering: “What is foursomes?” Well, this article will answer this question and more. Learn about the rules of golf, Scotch foursomes, Ryder Cup foursomes, and more! You’ll also learn about the Two-ball rule. It can be a difficult question to answer, but don’t worry! There are some simple … Read more

What is a Fade in Golf?

If you’ve ever been in a fairway bunker, you may have heard about a golf shot called a fade. This shot shape was made famous by Tiger Woods, who hit a miracle recovery shot at the WGC Mexico event in 2019. However, very few golf holes call for an enormous curling slice. Instead, most holes … Read more

3 Man Golf Betting Games

3 Man Golf Betting Games

If you’re a fan of fantasy football and enjoy playing 3 man golf betting games, you’ll love Three Man Wolf. Based on the classic Wolf game, three players alternate roles as captains. This game puts players in difficult decisions that require multiple factors to be taken into account. With a high payout, you can take … Read more

What is a Bogey in Golf?

The term bogey in golf has several definitions. The term is defined as a single-shot hole that requires a certain number of strokes to make a par. A par score is the most important number to aim for in golf, as it reflects how proficient you are. Ideally, a golfer should be able to make … Read more

Fun Golf Betting Games For Your Group

For your next group outing, consider playing one of these fun golf betting games. Quotas are a great way to introduce new golfers to the fun of wagering. With the game, players put in a certain amount of money before heading to the first box. These can also be mixed up depending on the size … Read more

Golf Betting Games For Four Players

If you are looking for fun golf betting games for four players, you are in luck! The following article has some great tips and suggestions on how to choose the right golf betting game for your next game! Play Aces and Deuces, Dots or Trash, Low Ball-Low Total, Lone Wolf, or other variations. And don’t … Read more