How to Fix a Pull Hook Golf Swing

There are many reasons why you may be hitting a pull hook golf shot. You may have too strong a grip, use the wrong grip surface, or position the ball too far forward in your stance. You may also have your body parts move the wrong way on your downswing. Fortunately, there are several ways … Read more

Golf Tips For Seniors

One of the most important golf tips for seniors is to make minor adjustments to your swing, but not an entire overhaul. You can keep your mental game strong with a few minor tweaks to your swing. Don’t cling to your old abilities or make bad decisions. Experience can eliminate mistakes, and your brain can … Read more

Improve Your Game With Golf Workouts at Home

If you’re interested in improving your game, you may want to try some golf workouts at home. You can find various equipment to use in this regard, such as a medicine ball, resistance band, or backpack. Then, you can perform these exercises in order to develop the muscles you use in the golf swing. This … Read more