Improve Your Putting With a Cross Hand Putting Grip

A Cross Handed golfer will need to practice his or her putting grip to improve his or her game. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but with a little practice, you should be able to putt with ease. Practice putting from different distances with your left hand on the club. Twenty minutes of practice should … Read more

Strong Grip Vs Weak Grip

When learning how to hit a golf ball, it is important to understand the rules surrounding strong grip versus weak. Different shots require different grip strengths, so it is essential to understand how each grip affects your shot. By learning about the benefits and disadvantages of each grip, you can master the game of golf. … Read more

How to Compress a Golf Ball

If you want to know how to compress a golf ball, read on! This information will help you choose a ball that is right for your swing. Golf balls can come in different compressions, from low to high. Low compression golf balls are aimed at golfers who swing slowly. Medium compression balls provide the right … Read more

How to Hit Sand Shots in Golf

You’re probably wondering how to hit sand shots in golf. Here are a few tips to avoid them and hit sand shots with less risk of slicing a hole. First, rotate the clubface more open on the backswing. Feel your toe turn towards the ground when you’re swinging backward. Then, keep speed on the downswing … Read more

How to Hit a Fairway Wood Properly

To hit a fairway wood properly, you must understand the correct setup. There are four basic rules that you must follow when hitting this type of wood. They are: the proper setup, the correct ball position, and leaning back. Once you understand these three rules, you’ll be ready to hit your next fairway wood! Now, … Read more