How to Hit a Fairway Wood Properly

To hit a fairway wood properly, you must understand the correct setup. There are four basic rules that you must follow when hitting this type of wood. They are: the proper setup, the correct ball position, and leaning back. Once you understand these three rules, you’ll be ready to hit your next fairway wood! Now, … Read more

What Is the Loft of a 3 Wood?

The average 3-wood has 15 degrees of loft, somewhere between the driver and the 5-wood. The average golfer doesn’t have the length of Dustin Johnson or Rory McIlroy, so he can safely use a 3-wood with a stronger loft or one with a lower loft. For those with mid or high handicaps, it’s a good … Read more

What Causes a Slice in Golf?

A slice is caused by a combination of open clubface and an outside-in swing. Sidespin from a lack of weight transfer in the swing path is a contributing factor to the dreaded slice. In addition to the aforementioned factors, a hunched posture, or lack of weight transfer during the driver swing, can contribute to the … Read more

How to Hit a Driver Correctly

To hit a driver correctly, you must start with the ball position as you would for any other club. This means that your feet should be close together. A straight line should be formed between your big toe and the ball. The same principles apply to mid-irons and fairway woods. Here are some tips to … Read more