How to Hit a Driver Correctly

To hit a driver correctly, you must start with the ball position as you would for any other club. This means that your feet should be close together. A straight line should be formed between your big toe and the ball. The same principles apply to mid-irons and fairway woods. Here are some tips to … Read more

How High to Tee Up Your Driver?

The height of your driver is determined by your center of gravity. There are many factors that contribute to the tee height. Each golfer’s swing is different and there is no one “correct” height for any player. That being said, the evidence is there is a better way to tee a golf driver. To find … Read more

What Is a Heavenwood?

What is a heavenwood? A heavenwood is a hybrid that is shorter than a normal wood shaft. It is a useful tool for golfers because it will help you hit the ball farther. This type of golf club is also easier to hit than long irons or low-lofted fairway woods, because of its loft. Unlike … Read more

How Much Does 1 Degree of Loft Affect Distance?

Many golfers want to improve their distance, but how much does one degree of loft change the distance of their clubs? Well, it depends on the swing speed and club loft you’re using. Adding a degree to your irons or driver will increase distance by about two to three yards. However, you should remember that … Read more

How to Hit Longer Drives With More Power

Unbelievable satisfaction comes from a well-placed drive. After you have struck the golf ball, you will feel rested and serene. You also like the additional roll down the fairway that a long drive provides. You do not, however, have to be a pro in order to appreciate the pleasures of more distance out of your … Read more

Simple Steps to Hitting a Stinger on Command

The stinger shot isn’t for everyone, and it shouldn’t be. The only players that qualify are those who routinely hit the ball well. When done properly, it may assist you in finding the fairway from any position on the field. But, more specifically, what should you do in order to strike a dependable stinger? To … Read more