Fun Golf Betting Games For Your Group

For your next group outing, consider playing one of these fun golf betting games. Quotas are a great way to introduce new golfers to the fun of wagering. With the game, players put in a certain amount of money before heading to the first box. These can also be mixed up depending on the size of your group. You can even mix up the quota amounts to create a different game! Whatever your group’s preferences, there’s a game out there for everyone!

Let it Ride

Let it Ride is a poker game based on stud poker and blackjack, using community cards. It was invented by Shuffle Master in 1993 and has enjoyed a resurgence among online casino players. The game requires the player to make two important decisions in each hand, and its bonus structure and variable payouts can turn a few dollars into a large score. To win at let it ride, players can make multiple wagers and win the most.

A lot of people enjoy playing golf, but few of us have the opportunity to participate in the PGA Tour. It’s not easy to beat professional golfers, who throw trash talk, make pressure putts, and enjoy the perks of being a professional. Let it Ride is a great way to mimic the experience of playing on the PGA Tour and bet with confidence and excitement. You can earn points for pars, birdies, and eagles. You need to be confident to play let it ride, as the points increase rapidly.

This game is ideal for a team of foursomes. If you’re a true gambling enthusiast, let it ride is the game for you. It rewards players who recover from a double bogey. You can also bank points and let them ride. Just remember to stay in the betting game until the end of the round. But don’t be fooled by the simple game. It’s not for everyone!

Dots or Trash

If you are a golf enthusiast, you may have heard of the game “Dots or Trash” at the course. Known by different names, it is a fun way to bet on golf games. The players are grouped into two teams and compete by placing points on certain holes. Players with more points win. Players who land on the green first win. If they miss, they lose.

This game is best played with a few people. It’s a competitive game, so players agree on how much to bet on each dot. It’s also possible to play two-vs-2. To keep everyone honest, you may want to have someone keep score for each hole. Some groups include negative achievements and other positive ones. Negative achievements take away from the points for the player who has more negative points than positive ones. Players should be aware that they can lose points for negative accomplishments, so make sure to include these in your game.


The most popular golf game in Nassau is Nassau. There are three different types of matches to play. One is the OUT match between holes one and nine, another is the IN match between holes ten and eighteen, and the third is the total match. This wager is often called two-to-two because you place a $2 bet on each match. When the team wins, they apply their handicap strokes normally and score points. The game ends when they cannot be caught.

This game involves wagering $5 on the score of the player or team. You can bet on the team, or bet individually. The maximum personal loss is $15 ($5×3), and the maximum win is $45 ($15×3). Another fun golf betting game is known as the “closeout.” This game is played with three teams on each hole, and the winners of both games win by a single stroke.

If you lose your first match, you can press ‘Press’ to start a new bet at the amount that you press. You can also set up automatic presses to start a new bet when you are two holes down. These are convenient for players who have different Nassau bets. Each group has its own rules. However, if you’re looking for more options, you can look into the Triple Six bet.


When playing wolf golf betting games, you decide on the number of points you are willing to stake for the wolf’s play. The wolf can win a hole, lose a hole, or tie the game. Your bet amount may vary depending on the type of wolf you’re playing. Some players cap their losses at 10 points per hole. Each hole can have a different playing partner, and you can even change your team during the round.

In normal Wolf golf betting games, players rotate through the tee. After a player hits his tee shot, the wolf must claim it before Player B hits the ball. The player who is closest to the ball scores wins the hole. You can also play wolf golf with multiple players at the same time. Each hole may have a different wolf, so the winner will be determined by who hits the ball with the lowest score.

In this type of golf game, one player is designated as “the wolf” and must tee off first. They must choose a partner based on how the tee shot performed. If the wolf chooses to play alone, he can receive four points while his partner will only earn two points. In addition, the wolf can be the only player on a hole, which gives them an edge in the game.

Nassau is a great game for two or more players

One of the most popular golf games, Nassau involves betting on which team or individual will record the lowest score on each hole. This is a simple way to increase your betting action, as you can put as little as a few cents or as much as several hundred dollars down on a game. In a foursome, for example, it might be tempting to place a two-dollar bet on a team or individual to win a bet on the group’s overall score. However, this bet can add up fast and can quickly become a loss.

There are many different ways to play Nassau, but it’s often played between friends. For instance, you can place a $2 bet on each player’s front nine, back nine, and overall score. If a team or individual can sweep all three matches, they win $6. Players can bet on any scoring format, but match play is the most popular type. Players must clear their handicaps before playing Nassau.

Nassau is a great golf betting game if you have a friend who loves to play the game. A $2 bet on each player on each hole, plus another $2 bet for a team or individual winning the round, will help keep your betting action exciting. You can even bet on who will win a hole. It’s a great way to have fun while playing golf with your friends.

Pickup Sticks

If you want to play pick-up sticks and have a little bit of strategy, try the game Pickup Sticks. It’s a variation of match play wherein the player who loses a hole is forced to take a club from the winner’s bag. While it can be difficult, this game is fun and can prove to be very addictive! Here are a few ways you can use pick-up sticks:

Pick Up Sticks is a game of skill, where the higher handicapper eliminates a club from his opponent’s bag for every two strokes that he wins. You can play this game as a two-player match or as a team of two. In each round, the higher-handicapper removes one club from his opponent’s bag. This means that the opponent can’t use the club for the rest of the round. Some groups even make the putter untouchable.