How to Fix a Pull Hook Golf Swing

There are many reasons why you may be hitting a pull hook golf shot. You may have too strong a grip, use the wrong grip surface, or position the ball too far forward in your stance. You may also have your body parts move the wrong way on your downswing. Fortunately, there are several ways … Read more

What Causes a Slice in Golf?

A slice is caused by a combination of open clubface and an outside-in swing. Sidespin from a lack of weight transfer in the swing path is a contributing factor to the dreaded slice. In addition to the aforementioned factors, a hunched posture, or lack of weight transfer during the driver swing, can contribute to the … Read more

Pros and Cons of Shallowing the Golf Club

In order to correct this error, golfers must first hinge their wrists and drop their trailing arm. Without this adjustment, the golfer may end up with a square swing. This can affect the trajectory of the ball and distance traveled. In addition, golfers must practice shallowing the golf club to make the correction correctly. Here … Read more