How Senior Citizens Can Increase Their Golf Club Head Speed

Do you want to be able to hit the ball further down the fairway? Do you feel like you’re not swinging your golf club as fast as you used to? If so, don’t worry – you’re not alone. A lot of senior citizens find that their golf club head speed decreases as they get older. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your swing and hit the ball further than ever before! In this blog post, we will discuss how you can increase your golf club head speed and smash those balls down the fairway like a pro!

Why Does Club Head Speed Reduce as You Age?

There are a few reasons why your golf club head speed may reduce as you age. One of the main reasons is that your muscles tend to lose strength and power as you get older. This means that you won’t be able to generate as much swing speed as you used to. In addition, your balance and coordination may also start to decline, which can affect your ability to swing the club correctly.

How Can You Improve Your Club Head Speed?

Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can improve your golf club head speed – even if you’re no longer in your twenties!

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure that you warm up properly before hitting the golf course. A good warm-up will help loosen up your muscles and get your body ready for the swing.
  • Use a heavier golf club. A heavier club will allow you to generate more power and swing speed.
  • Try using a different grip. Changing your grip can help improve your swing mechanics and increase your club head speed.
  • Take some lessons from a professional golf coach. A good coach can help you correct any mistakes in your swing, which will help you hit the ball further down the fairway.

In conclusion, don’t let age hold you back from enjoying one of America’s favorite pastimes! There are plenty of ways that you can increase your golf club head speed and play like a pro. Follow these tips and you’ll be hitting those balls farther than ever before.

What is the average club head speed for a senior golfer?

Senior golfers are defined as those who are above the age of 50. Women have a maximum swing speed of 60 miles per hour on average, whereas males have a minimum swing speed of 75 miles per hour, with an average speed of 90 miles per hour.

How far should a 70 year old hit a golf ball?

When hitting a driver, a 70-year-old guy should be hitting it between 180 and 190 yards. With the development of new driver and shaft technology in recent years, this figure has increased somewhat. When they are 70 years old, some golfers have no issue sending the ball 200 yards or further than that!

What generates club head speed?

According to the website, the rotation of your torso contributes to just around 15 percent of the speed of your clubhead. It is the swinging action of your arms and hands that generates the remaining 85 percent of the energy.

How far should a senior golfer hit a driver?

The distance traveled is exactly proportional to the speed of the swing. Despite the fact that the PGA Tour pros swing between 110 and 120mph, you do not have to be that quick in order to score well. Average Senior Tour players swing their drivers at 106 miles per hour and hit them 274 yards. Despite this, the typical LPGA Tour pro swings their driver at just 93 mph and hits the ball 246 yards on average.

Why is my club head speed so slow?

If your swing pace is sluggish, it might be due to the fact that your golf clubs are too heavy for you to swing comfortably. Choosing something that is more lightweight will automatically assist you in increasing your swing speed. One alternative is to use graphite clubs, which are lightweight and durable. Graphite golf clubs are nearly usually lighter than steel-shafted clubs, with the exception of few models.

Will a senior shaft add distance?

Regular shafts must be replaced out for Senior shafts when they are unable to hit the ball farther than 180 yards with regular shafts. This kind of lighter, softer flex in the shaft may easily boost distance by an extra 15 to 20 yards on the golf course.

At what age are you considered a senior golfer?

Senior tournaments are held in men’s professional golf for players who are 50 years old or older. When it comes to other sports, the lower age restriction varies, although it is commonly set at 45, 50, or 55 years old.

Should senior golfers lift weights?

For the over-50 golfer, strength training is essential, but in order to optimize function and minimize impairment as we age, we must also learn how to develop power! Muscular power reduces at a quicker rate than muscle strength as we become older.