How to Bend Golf Clubs

If you have a golf club with an incorrect lie angle, you should quickly learn how to bend it. Even the most talented players cannot accept a club with an improper lie angle. It’s a common problem among newbies and irregular golfers. The good news is that you can solve this problem on your own … Read more

What Is a Heavenwood?

What Is a Heavenwood?

What is a heavenwood? A heavenwood is a hybrid that is shorter than a normal wood shaft. It is a useful tool for golfers because it will help you hit the ball farther. This type of golf club is also easier to hit than long irons or low-lofted fairway woods, because of its loft. Unlike … Read more

What is Wedge Flex?

If you are wondering what is wedge flex, you are not alone. Each golf club has a different degree of flex, and wedges are no exception. The flex of a wedge has a significant impact on how the ball will perform in a shot. While flex is similar to driver and irons, it is different … Read more

How Much Does 1 Degree of Loft Affect Distance?

Many golfers want to improve their distance, but how much does one degree of loft change the distance of their clubs? Well, it depends on the swing speed and club loft you’re using. Adding a degree to your irons or driver will increase distance by about two to three yards. However, you should remember that … Read more

Swing Weight For Senior Golfers

Senior golfers should be aware of swing weight. This is very important, as the weight of your club head affects your speed and overall performance. As you age, the swing speed will decrease and with it the distance. Finding the right swing weight for your swing will help prevent the loss of yardage and allow … Read more

Advantages of the Flow Neck Putter

The Flow Neck putter has many advantages over other golfing putters. Its unique shape and sculptural look make it an attractive option for many players. Many golfers also appreciate the neutral stroke it promotes from the address position. Likewise, the Spider is a classic and timeless design that optimizes stability. Its patented Spider EX technology … Read more

Face Balanced Blade Putter Reviews

There are many factors to consider when choosing face balanced blade putters. First and foremost, make sure to read the features of the product. These features should be helpful to the user and be the first factor to consider before buying. This guide will help you find the perfect solution. Read on to learn about … Read more

What Do You Need to Play Golf?

Before playing golf, you should know what you need to bring with you. Some basic golf equipment you should take with you include a driver, water bottle, and sunglasses. You may also want to invest in a golf towel and water bottle. You can purchase these items for a couple of dollars. A rule book … Read more