Are Illegal Golf Ball Markings Actually Illegal?

You have probably heard that illegal golf ball markings are illegal, but are they really? Here’s an explanation of the laws surrounding this issue, as well as the possible penalties for doing it. There are many different kinds of golf ball markings, so let’s examine each one to find the right one for you. Read … Read more

What is a Birdie in Golf?

The golf term ‘Birdie’ is one stroke below par on any hole. Mid-handicappers may rarely shoot a birdie, but they should be aware of what this term means. It is not as difficult as an eagle or double eagle. Listed below are some tips for making birdies on your next round. The golf term ‘Birdie’ … Read more

Why do they say, “Fore Please” at the Masters

You’ve probably seen it in movies or heard Phil Harison or Tiger Woods utter the dreaded phrase. If you’ve watched any Masters television coverage, you’ve probably noticed how they always introduce the next player with “fore please!” Is it a tradition or a quaint little expression? Here are some examples of “fore please” uttered by … Read more