What Does Split Tees Mean in Golf?

What Does Split Tees Mean in Golf?

Split tees are a common technique used on golf courses with an abundance of players. This method is used to help players play faster. Public courses often become crowded with new players, and split tees help prevent this from happening. You can use split tees to reduce playing time and maximize the fun factor. It … Read more

Are Chippers Legal in Golf?

Are chippers legal in golf? There are many different kinds of chippers that are permitted on the golf course, but the question remains, which type is legal? This article explores the legality of Two-way, Single-faced, and Nonconforming chippers. The purpose of these clubs is to be used in place of wedges around the greens. Since … Read more

What is the Minimum Age to Drive a Golf Cart?

What is the Minimum Age to Drive a Golf Cart?

What is the minimum age to drive a golf cart? There are different laws depending on your state and circumstances. If you’re thinking of getting your driver’s license, here are the requirements you need to know. Once you’ve met these requirements, you can get started! Keep reading to learn about driving rules in public. You … Read more

What is 3 Ball Betting in Golf?

If you’ve ever been to a golf tournament and noticed that the PGA Tour offers three-ball betting, you’re not alone. There are many other kinds of golf betting, too, including dead-heat rules and Parlay bets. Hopefully, you’ll have an easier time deciding whether to place a wager on a golf tournament based on the Three-ball. … Read more

What is Golf Rule 197?

Golf rule 197 explains that if a golfer is in a bunker, he or she is allowed to take relief from the bunker outside of the bunker, or set up a more favorable yardage for his or her next shot. In a stroke-play competition, this rule allows a golfer to continue playing. In an attempt … Read more

Foursomes Vs Fourball Golf Games

Are you a golf fanatic who wants to learn more about the differences between foursomes and fourball games? Learn about the Rules, Variation, and Teams of Foursomes. Find out which game is better for your club! We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each. But first, find out which golf game is better for you. … Read more

Are Illegal Golf Ball Markings Actually Illegal?

Illegal Golf Ball Markings

You have probably heard that illegal golf ball markings are illegal, but are they really? Here’s an explanation of the laws surrounding this issue, as well as the possible penalties for doing it. There are many different kinds of golf ball markings, so let’s examine each one to find the right one for you. Read … Read more

What is a Birdie in Golf?

Birdie in Golf

The golf term ‘Birdie’ is one stroke below par on any hole. Mid-handicappers may rarely shoot a birdie, but they should be aware of what this term means. It is not as difficult as an eagle or double eagle. Listed below are some tips for making birdies on your next round. The golf term ‘Birdie’ … Read more