Golf Tips For Seniors

One of the most important golf tips for seniors is to make minor adjustments to your swing, but not an entire overhaul. You can keep your mental game strong with a few minor tweaks to your swing. Don’t cling to your old abilities or make bad decisions. Experience can eliminate mistakes, and your brain can … Read more

Golf Exercises For Seniors

Golf Exercises For Seniors

A great way to get the most out of your golf game is by doing some basic golf exercises. There are four main areas to focus on for golf exercises for seniors: Strengthening, Flexibility, Balance, and Rotation. All of these are very important in golf, and if you’re not doing them, you should! Here’s a … Read more

Swing Weight For Senior Golfers

Senior golfers should be aware of swing weight. This is very important, as the weight of your club head affects your speed and overall performance. As you age, the swing speed will decrease and with it the distance. Finding the right swing weight for your swing will help prevent the loss of yardage and allow … Read more