How to Rebuild a Golf Swing

Rebuild a Golf Swing

If you’re struggling to make any progress with your golf swing, it might be time to rebuild it. Whether you’re suffering from an injury or simply a slump, a golf swing rebuild can help you improve your game and achieve your goals. Rebuilding a golf swing can also help you gain confidence and improve your … Read more

The Average Length of a Golf Course

With the popularity of long shots, golf courses must increase the average length of their courses to keep up with the game. Today’s golfers are hitting the ball 250 or more yards. However, the average length of a golf course varies from one course to another. Each course has its own specifications. To find the … Read more

How Does a Golf Driver Wear Out?

Graphite shafts have a short lifespan. After 10,000 hits, a graphite shaft will fail. The resulting loss of performance will be instantaneous. However, dents in the face may lead to physical weakness. In other words, your driver may look and feel like it’s beginning to wear out. Metal fatigue weakens a golf driver A golf … Read more

Is Golf Hard to Learn?

Is Golf Hard to Learn

Learning the basics of golf isn’t difficult, but improving your game will require time and practice. It takes about two to six months to master the fundamentals of the game. The more you practice the more you’ll want to learn and become a better player. Even professional golfers are constantly looking for new techniques to … Read more

How Strong is Your Golf Grip?

How strong is your grip? Do you hold the club in your hands tightly? What impact does it have on your clubface closure? How does a strong grip impact your short game? How does Tiger Woods’s grip affect his swing? These are all questions worth exploring. This article will help you better understand the relationship … Read more

How to Fix Shanks in Your Golf Swing

How to Fix Shanks in Your Golf Swing

Shanks are caused by hitting the ball with your hosel rather than the face of the club. If you’re hitting shanks often, you should try changing your golf swing. You should start by making a solid golf swing and try quick fixes that are simple but effective. Listed below are some quick fixes for shanks. … Read more

Left Hand Low Putting Grip and It’s Benefits

If you’re prone to hitting the ball ‘up’ on the left side, the left hand low putting grip is the answer. The low position puts the right hand in a neutral position and allows it to power the club without manipulating the clubface. Lowry says he feels’mechanical’ when things go well, and wants to rely … Read more

How to Hit a Fade and a Draw

How to Hit a Fade and a Draw

Choosing between a fade and a draw can be tricky, so let’s learn how to make this decision. We’ll also learn about the wrist action that produces a fade and how to transform a weak fade into a power fade. You should also learn the benefits of using different body lines when hitting a fade. … Read more